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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic funds transfer belongs to RBI and is recommended by Shere Committee. It gives the facility to give and collect the money electronically. This facility targets the exporters; by the use of this facility

Immovable property TDS

Immovable property TDS Government of India has introduced a recent provision of TDS on immovable property in 2013 finance bill. According to this new provision any person who purchases any immovable such as any building or land

Check your Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Online

Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Tax credit statement is way to check tax paid and due by a person. This facility is provided by income tax department to every PAN holder.  This statement is also known as Form

ATM services by banks

ATM services by banks ATM services are widely used by bank to give their customers quick facility to withdraw cash and to know their account balance. ATM services work without the presence of a cashier as clients

Types of Banks

Types of Banks Banks can be categorizing in numerous ways say for example on the basis of their tenure, their utilities and origin like native or foreign bank. The below given classification is made by considering the

Tax Deduction and Tax credit statement

Tax Deduction and Tax credit statement Income Tax deduction is simply when there is reduction in income which is taxable. When we reduce the income on which we have to pay tax then subsequently tax also reduces.

Micro Financing – financial services for poor and low income group people

Micro Financing Micro financing is a very emerging financial services to deal with poverty in most of the developing countries. This is most useful services for development of small scale entrepreneur development. Micro financing as the name suggest are

How to check PAN Card status

How to check PAN Card status ? Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is provided by Income Tax department. It is a unique ID given by income tax department to all it taxpayers. It is the id proof

How to apply for TIN Number ?

TIN Number TIN Number or Taxpayer Identification Numbers is the id proof for regular Taxpayers. It is issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However Social Security Administration (SSA) also issues it but generally id proof issued by

What is Merchant banking ?

What is Merchant banking ? Merchant banking is the financial services to companies in which Merchant banker not only provide company fund for functioning but also take part in management decision making and acts as advisory body. Merchant