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Micro Financing – financial services for poor and low income group people

Micro Financing Micro financing is a very emerging financial services to deal with poverty in most of the developing countries. This is most useful services for development of small scale entrepreneur development. Micro financing as the name suggest are

What is Merchant banking ?

What is Merchant banking ? Merchant banking is the financial services to companies in which Merchant banker not only provide company fund for functioning but also take part in management decision making and acts as advisory body. Merchant

Venture capital- Gives your imaginations a path

Venture capital- Gives your imaginations a path Venture capital is a financing process evolving in India from last few decades. Some of the banks and privates companies are providing these funds to people. Venture capital providers fulfill

How to sell on eBAY ?

How to sell on eBAY Virtual selling has become popular among sellers now days. It reduces many physical obstacles like incurred cost on store and staffs and seller can reach to thousands potential customers at a time.