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Tax exemption on Medical Insurance Premium

Tax exemption on Medical Insurance Premium Income Tax Act with its lots of other tax exemption give benefit on medical insurance premium as well to people. According to section 80D of Income Tax Act, India a person

What is health insurance policy ?

Health Insurance policy Health Insurance policy is something which, if you have, bears all your medical expenses if you will suffer from any health related issue. It is very useful especially if policy holder suffers from accidents

How to get car insurance in India ?

Overview Insurance is a process in which a person reduces the risk of any loss occurred due to any accident in exchange of some payment. Only financial risks are reduced in this process because insurance only provide

What is LIC ?

What is LIC LIC is the short form of Life Insurance Corporation of India. It is the India’s biggest insurance group and it is run by Indian government. LIC has been established in year 1956 by merging

What is Life Insurance ?

What is Life Insurance Life Insurance is the legal contract between insurer and the insured, in which insurer promises to pay certain amount of money on the death of insured to his nominee. Insurer here is the