Check your Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Online

Tax Credit Statement form 26AS

Tax credit statement is way to check tax paid and due by a person. This facility is provided by income tax department to every PAN holder.  This statement is also known as Form 26AS.

Tax Credit

According to Income Tax Act, everyone which pays tax should be provided an annual tax statement. Every PAN holder is allowed to view their Tax credit Statement online. Tax credit statement is also known as Form 26AS. Form 26AS include:

  • All details of tax deduction and collection by deductor or collector.

  • Advance tax payments by taxpayers.

  • Details of refunds pain on tax.

This statement helps people to tally their tax transactions and be confirmed about it. This also helps to make corrections if required. This statement also works as a proof and people do not need to waste their time to get receipts from tax departments.

Check online your Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Online

People who are registered with are able to view their Tax credit by going through this site. When you go to this website first time you need to register yourself by clicking on “New Registration “option. Once you register yourself, then you can easily get your tax statement at “View Tax Credit Statement” option.

You have to login first in my account using your PAN number or password.  Once you login then you can get all information you need regarding your tax statement.

Tax credit statement via Net Banking:

Only some authorized bank can provide this facility to their PAN holder customers. This is absolutely free of cost. To use this facility a person should have his net banking account.

Tax credit statement via TIN website:

PAN holders who are registered with Tax Information Network can use one more way to check their Form 26AS. This one more way is using TIN website. People can also register themselves online if they want to access this website for getting tax credit statement. But for registration a verification process is involved with some charges as well. After registration people are able to check their tax credit statement any time they login into their account on TIN website.



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