How to apply for TIN Number ?

TIN Number

TIN Number or Taxpayer Identification Numbers is the id proof for regular Taxpayers. It is issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However Social Security Administration (SSA) also issues it but generally id proof issued by them is known as Social Security Number.

TIN Number

TIN NO. is Necessary for- Tin number registration is mandatory for states’ all  manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, exporter, dealers etc whoever involve manufacturing and selling items within and outside states. TIN no. registration comes under VAT tax system. It is required for commercial activities. Now it has become mandatory for every new and existing dealer. It is replacement of Central Service Tax no.


How to apply for TIN Number :- There is a special form for users to apply for TIN Number. This can be obtained from Tax office or online. Online filling of TIN no. application can also be done. Form must be duly filled with legible handwriting.

Documents Needed-

Following documents with completely filled application are necessary-

  1. Valid Identity proof like Pan Card, Voter ID Card, Driving license etc.

  2. Recent passport size photographs

  3. Selling and purchasing bill photocopy

  4. Photocopy of LR or GR or any other proof of ordering and collecting of items

  5. Bank statement photocopy

  6. For security and surety purpose a reference means reference of TIN no. holder is required

All documents must be attached with application form and submitted to Commercial Tax Department. After cross checking, department would issue TIN no. to applicant.


TIN No. is Necessary  ?

TIN no. is necessary for manufacturers, traders, dealers, exporters etc. at the time of filling income tax return. It is necessary to mention it in all tax related documents. If a person wants to claim any kind of tax benefits or exemption from any tax incurred, he has to place application with TIN number. If manufacturer or trader, anyone who is involved in making and selling of good in a state wants to make complaint in a matter related to payment or any other, he must possess TIN number.

Now a day, VAT or CST or TIN works as same. Any of the number would be sufficient. TIN no. is considered as VAT when there is intra sale activity and same considered as Central Service Tax no. when required.


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