How to check PAN Card status

How to check PAN Card status ?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is provided by Income Tax department. It is a unique ID given by income tax department to all it taxpayers. It is the id proof of national importance. It is permanent and mandatory to carry out all legal financial and tax related activities.

Pan Card

PAN no. is the combination of alphabets and numbers. Any person of any company or firm can hold PAN Card for their financial transactions. Form 49 A is for PAN Card application. When applicant submits it in Income Tax office he would get a receiving like acknowledgement with some numbers and seal on it. It is necessary to check PAN Card status by this acknowledgement number. PAN Card status can be checked only after 15 days of submission. 15 days is the ideal processing time by Income Tax department.


It can be done online by following simple steps-


  1. Type in on your search engine or address bar.

  2. There are various options available. There is “Application for PAN” through Online Services” is present click on that.


  1. Then there is button of “Status Track for PAN application’’, click on that.


  1. On clicking this option, a window will pop up. To get this user should change setting pop up bock in his browser if require.


  1. On new window user needs to fill the require information.


  1. Then there would be an option of application type. The drop down button will show options. For new PAN Card applicant, the correct option is  ‘PAN-New / Change request’.


  1. Now there would be space for filling the acknowledgement number from the receiving of Form 49A.


  1. Then user needs to type his full name in such a manner that his surname should be there in first block then name in second box.


  1. Then space for date of birth is available. After filling it click on “Submit” option. Current status of your PAN Card would be appeared.

All information must be filled in same way as it is filled in Form 49A for PAN Card application. PAN Card no. is very essential in carrying out various tax formalities also acts as certified ID proof. To get tax benefits in various schemes PAN No. is essential.


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