How to do online payment ?

How to do online payment:-

Online payment refers to payment of bills through internet by using credit cards, debit cards or online bank account. In present scenario time is the most important thing and needs to be saved. People are so busy in their life and need a simple and convenient way which facilitates them to make payments without going anywhere and without wasting time. Online payment system provides facility to pay bills from home without going to respective offices and spending time in big lines. Online payment system in very low charges pays bills immediately.

Online Payment

Online payment facility is provided by most of the organizations for bill payments such as electricity bill, Telephone bill, Tax payment, Railway tickets, Airline tickets, college and coaching institutions fee, Online shopping, Application forms etc. This online payment option is very customer friendly and can handle large customers together.

Payment can be done by following ways

  • By using credit cards

  • By using debit cards

  • By using online bank account

  • By using PayPal

  • By using various payment gateways

Online payment using credit/ Debit cards:

Credit/ Debit card can be used to make online payments. By using this people can save their time and money as they can even pay on last date. Online payment with credit/ Debit card involves following few steps.

  1. Check your current statement and type the creditor’s website address in your browser. Then click on go button.

  2. Log in by using your user name and password carefully.

  3. Go to the link which asks for account number in which one has to make payment.

  4. Enter account number which is available in current bill statement and click enter.

  5. There is an option “how will you make payment”, Click on credit card in this option.

  6. Now this will ask you your credit/ debit card details like card number, CVV number card holder’s name etc. for verification. Enter cards number and other details.

  7. Now enter the amount which you need to pay.

  8. An Option Are you sure you want to make payment will appear, Click on yes if you want to make payment.

  9. Once payment is done you will get a reference number and can print the page for future reference.


9 − = one