How to sell on eBAY ?

How to sell on eBAY

Virtual selling has become popular among sellers now days. It reduces many physical obstacles like incurred cost on store and staffs and seller can reach to thousands potential customers at a time. eBay is the leading online store. It has extensive seller range with large no of potential buyer. Any new user can sell their products on eBay by following simple methods.

In his first step, user needs to have account on eBay. On eBay’s main page of respective country user can find sign up link. For having account on eBay user should have valid email id. By filling required information anyone can have eBay account.

In the account, as seller user should add his details with his product’s details. Feedback is necessary to become popular on eBay. To buildup account user should add item in his account that will give him experience and ‘site cred’ will be built. All these things get feedbacks from other eBay user and potential buyer would prefer this kind of profile.


How to become online Auction Seller

This is the trail selling for new online sellers as they can get idea about online store working and imparts ideas about how user can sell his products.

Popular Item selling

Popular product selling creates multiple online viewers. An extensive market research is required to know what is most popular. As these items would have many sellers so to maintain the position among them it is necessary for to come up with new ideas, features, offers, discounts etc. on the main page of eBay different categories of products are present so from there we can find which one is popular.

Decision on product combination

We can sell new, used or both kind of products on eBay. We sell our own products or outsource the new products from distributors, wholesalers, directly from production units and can make profits from individual product selling. In case of used product selling, more things are there to be considered like real life auctions, thrift stores etc. Seller should upgrade his products according to time and fashion. Stock must be available according to orders to be placed.

Listing of items with image

Listing of products contains the price details, payment mode and shipping charges.  Images should be attached with product details that would give clear perception to customers about product. New seller can get idea from existing products.

How to get payment

Seller should add many payment options for customers like PayPal, direct cash transfer from bank account or credit/ debit card. It depends upon which payment system customer would prefer. Seller may need to be more flexible for overseas buyers. Research in existing payment mode in eBay can help to resolve this issue.

Title of the List

List of auction should contain suitable title from which a general idea can be drawn about the products. The search becomes easy for buyers if title has proper keyword about products.


Description about product

When category has been chosen; a good description should available. Like size, color, weight, manufacturer compatibility etc. Potential buyer would not waste his time and money if no description is available. Description should be clear in language, in friendly tone and should provide all relevant information in fewer words.


Price Setting

When seller is going to an auction option he should calculate smartly the lowest price that he can get for his product. This would decide lower limit of price range.


There is always best timing for the auction to be ended. Auction ends on Sundays, Mondays and weekends tends to attract higher traffic. So seller can get proper price for his product.

eBay store or Shop

Seller can group their product together and can have own distinct URL. Seller can build attractive profile for buyers. Choose MY eBay or Sell option from eBay main page.




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