How to use PayPal ?

How to use PayPal-

PayPal has made online payment and money transaction extremely easy. Paying through PayPal needs is consists of simple steps. User can have many options in PayPal like PayPal account balance, debit card, credit card, instant money transfer, eCheck etc.


Getting PayPal account

 On the homepage of, there is option of Sign Up. User can easily make account by filling required information. There are many types of account on PayPal. The basic personal account requires $500 monthly withdrawal limit and it is free. Personal account is being used freely for purchasing purpose.

Premium account has higher withdrawal limit that allows user to use debit and credit card for transactions.

Business account is expensive one and has all the features of PayPal. It is very useful for regular higher transactions.

There are mainly 5 tabs on the top bar of PayPal home page. Each tab has specific options.

  • My account

  • Send money

  • Request money

  • Merchant money

  • Products and service

To add money in Your PayPal account

  • To make payment by PayPal, user firstly needs to deposit money in his account. This can be done by clicking on option “ Add Money”, present in the top left side of main page.

  • Verification of account is required step.

  • After that click on ‘ Submit’ option.

  • Adding of money can be done by many options present there like for primary account holder transfer from bank account option is available. By filling required information user can transfer money to PayPal account. This is free option.

  • By using Green Dot MoneyPak allows user to purchase a gift card – style card from stores like Wal- Mart etc. This process requires a card code that has to be entered in PayPal account that transfers money from the card to PayPal account.

  • Extra fee for this purchase is $4.95.

To withdrawal money from PayPal account

Personal account permits withdrawal limit to $500 monthly. Every type of account has withdrawal option link.

  • Before withdrawing, verification of account is require.

  • PayPal offers many withdrawing option. Choose your withdrawing option and all these have different delivery options.

  • Withdrawing options like bank account transfer which takes some days but it is free.

  • Written check from PayPal is convenient one and free, it takes 10 days and costs $1.50.

  • PayPal debit transaction is free and instant option but requires user to request and receive card first.

  • ATM cash withdrawal is instant one and costs $1.00 with other than ATM fees.

  • After completing transaction user needs to enter other information on next page and submit his request.


PayPal Payment mode for eBay Users

PayPal has collaboration with So it is most preferred payment mode for eBay users

(for buying and selling both). It offers user to send payments online by using credit card or bank account. The recipient cannot see the account information or card details in this mode.

When seller uses eBay checkout –
  1. When user buy or win an item on eBay the “Review order Page’’ will be appeared or he can click on Pay now option that is available on purchase history.

  2. User has to make sure about item details, payment mode, shipping details etc.

  3. Then click on ‘Continue’ option.

  4. ‘Confirm and pay’ option.


Transaction mode for buyers and sellers other than eBay


  1. On the main page of PayPal two options are available ‘Send money’ and ‘Request money’.

  2. After choosing the require option like sending money, user needs to read all the related information and transaction fees.

  3. For requesting money, user needs to choose whether to send as invoice or simple request.

Invoices are generated through PayPal and requesting money through a fill-in form. Some fee has been attached with them.



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