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Immovable property TDS

Immovable property TDS Government of India has introduced a recent provision of TDS on immovable property in 2013 finance bill. According to this new provision any person who purchases any immovable such as any building or land

Check your Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Online

Tax Credit Statement form 26AS Tax credit statement is way to check tax paid and due by a person. This facility is provided by income tax department to every PAN holder.  This statement is also known as Form

How to check PAN Card status

How to check PAN Card status ? Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is provided by Income Tax department. It is a unique ID given by income tax department to all it taxpayers. It is the id proof

How to apply for TIN Number ?

TIN Number TIN Number or Taxpayer Identification Numbers is the id proof for regular Taxpayers. It is issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However Social Security Administration (SSA) also issues it but generally id proof issued by

Tax structure in India

Tax structure in India Tax is a mandatory participation of the citizen and organization of a nation to the government of the country. There are three stage of Income tax collection: Tax imposed by central government of

Tax exemption on Medical Insurance Premium

Tax exemption on Medical Insurance Premium Income Tax Act with its lots of other tax exemption give benefit on medical insurance premium as well to people. According to section 80D of Income Tax Act, India a person

What is PAN Card?

PAN card is stands for Permanent Account Number card. This no. is given under the special provision of Indian Income Tax Act 1961. It is unique alphanumerical arrangement given by income tax department. It works as identity

How to save Income Tax through Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

Save your Tax through Leave Travel Allowance Leave travel allowance is being extremely helpful these days to save income tax. Exemption on LTA is described under section 10(5) of Income Tax Act. All salaried employed by keeping

E-filing of income tax

E-filing of income tax The income tax department of India introduces the facility of online filing of income tax returns in the year of 2007.   E-filling of income tax had become one of the most admired facilities

What is income tax in India?

Income Tax In india In India central government has the authority to charge tax in all type of income except the income comes from agriculture sector. Government charges tax from companies, employees, firms, individuals, small scale industry,