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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic funds transfer belongs to RBI and is recommended by Shere Committee. It gives the facility to give and collect the money electronically. This facility targets the exporters; by the use of this facility

Types of Banks

Types of Banks Banks can be categorizing in numerous ways say for example on the basis of their tenure, their utilities and origin like native or foreign bank. The below given classification is made by considering the

What is RTGS ?

What is RTGS RTGS stands for Real – time gross settlement. It is new fund transfer system within banking system. It assures fund transfer in real time and in gross manner. Real time means there is no

Benefits of Online Banking

BENEFITS OF ONLINE BANKING Online banking is a way to perform all banking functions through internet by using computer. In this tech friendly age it is the most convenient and favorite facility to operate their accounts within

what is online banking ?

Online banking Online banking allows customers of bank to connect with their bank by using computer and internet. Internet banking and e- banking are other terms usually used for online banking. People by using secured website can conduct all their banking