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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic funds transfer belongs to RBI and is recommended by Shere Committee. It gives the facility to give and collect the money electronically. This facility targets the exporters; by the use of this facility

What is RTGS ?

What is RTGS RTGS stands for Real – time gross settlement. It is new fund transfer system within banking system. It assures fund transfer in real time and in gross manner. Real time means there is no

What is NEFT ?

NEFT – A Latest Fund Transfer Mode NEFT is latest fund transfer mode in banking system. NEFT means, National Electronic Fund Transfer system. It is fund transfer system which facilitates the user to transfer the fund from

Benefits of Online Banking

BENEFITS OF ONLINE BANKING Online banking is a way to perform all banking functions through internet by using computer. In this tech friendly age it is the most convenient and favorite facility to operate their accounts within

Where can I find IFSC Code ?

Where can I find IFSC Code ? IFSC Codes are very much needed by people for fund and security transfer through electronic transaction media. IFSC code is Indian Financial System Code. Every bank branch has a unique

What is IFSC Code?

IFSC CODE IFSC Code is something people asked for when they go to the bank or bank website to transfer fund through NEFT and RTGS system. What is IFSC Code? IFSC Code is refers to the Indian