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  • Here are IFSC codes for CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN

    Here on this site IFSC codec for CITIBANK NA all branches in RAJASTHAN State are available. We have taken these IFSC codes from RBI official site to confirm accuracy.

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    We tries to take as many as possible precaution while publishing these IFSC codes with accuracy and easiest way to search, But still in case of any doubt of error please contact our Email If any bank wants to add their IFSC code here on our site then please mail with your official email id.

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Districts wise list of all CITIBANK NA - NEFT/RTGS (IFSC) enabled branches in RAJASTHAN Inida

CITIBANK NA has branch/branches in the following district of RAJASTHAN. Select an individual District link to view the complete list of cities, where CITIBANK NA has NEFT(IFSC) enabled branch/branches.


CITIBANK NA IFSC code for RAJASTHAN is its unique Indian Financial System Code which is given by RBI to all banks for their identification. IFSC code is different for all branches of CITIBANK NA. IFSC codes are useful at the time of transaction to specifically know the branch of CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN. IFSC code is 11 characters code made up of alphabets and numbers. A person can get information about bank locality only if he knows its IFSC code of CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN.

How to find IFSC codes for CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN?

Our site provides CITIBANK NA IFSC codes in RAJASTHAN. A person by selecting RAJASTHAN state can get all IFSC code for CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN and then he can find code in list. This process can be done fast if a person knows city and branch of CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN. All can be selected from drop down menu and you can get IFSC code for RAJASTHAN CITIBANK NA.

How CITIBANK NA uses IFSC codes for NEFT transaction in RAJASTHAN?

IFSC code is unique for every branch of bank. It is useful for identification at the time of online transaction. CITIBANK NA NEFT transaction in RAJASTHAN is National electronic fund transfer. In this process people can transfer money to any branch of any bank Through CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN. It transfers money to anywhere in India in just few hours. Through NEFT, 11 settlements are done by RAJASTHAN CITIBANK NA in one day.

How CITIBANK NA uses IFSC codes for RTGS transaction in RAJASTHAN?

To get information of a bank branch IFSC codes are used by CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN. RTGS is real time gross settlement, which is online fund transfer process. CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN transfer money immediately by RTGS and settlement are done individually for every transfer. RTGS by CITIBANK NA in RAJASTHAN requires IFSC code to get correct information about a bank branch so process can be completed without error.