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MICR Code         

What is MICR Code?

MICR code is Magnetic ink character recognition code. This code can be seen on bottom of cheque leaf. This code is printed by special ink and information can be read by using specific readers. MICR codes are for secure transaction. MICR code for any bank give information about bank code and account details of account holder etc. MICR code is made up of five digits in which first 3 digits show name of city, Next 3 digits shows code of bank and last 3 digits shows name of branch of bank.

How MICR codes on cheque are used by bank for fast processing?

MICR codes are unique for every branch of every bank. These codes are readable by specific mechanical readers. MICR codes indentified branch of bank without error and fast. Fast detection of branch of bank speed up transaction.

How to find MICR code?

You can find MICR code is you know name and branch of bank. Select the name of bank from the options provided to get MICR code. This leads you to select state and then select city. To know MICR code select specific branch of bank from available option. You can directly confirm MICR code for a bank by entering it in “search by MICR code”.

How to find bank details by MICR code?

If you will enter MICR Code in Search by MICR code option, all information of bank like its locality IFSC code will be available to you. MICR code is unique for every bank branch so that you can search bank details by MICR code.

Here are MICR codes for major banks of India!

MICR codes for most of the banks are available on our site. There are major banks are listed along with their branches. You can find MICR code and IFSC code by selecting any branch. More than 120 banks of India are listed on this site.

Report MICR code related queries!

MICR code here with its banks details are available here. We have taken all care while posting these codes here. MICR codes are error free on this site. Still if you find any error you can complain with your problem at our email .

How to search by MICR Codes
All banks have their specific MICR codes that indicate many things about a particular banking operation. All third party transactions and processing of any such kind can't be possible without MICR code. That is why MICRocode is considered so important in the banking transactions. If you are willing to know more then check MICR code India and have detailed information. The main role of MICR codes has to be understood for all types of financial transactions done from one bank to the other.